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Jade Empire going franchise and PC?

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Jade Empire going franchise and PC?

Company News - posted by Vault Dweller on Sun 19 September 2004, 18:39:44

Tags: BioWare

Games Industry is reporting that Bioware is thinking big and have the Jade Empire franchise and PC version in mind:

This is a franchise," Dr. Ray Muzyka told at the show. "This is a new IP, and there are going to be follow-on products - sequels and other things, absolutely. Our IPs, we have a long plan for - this is a rich world, and there are all these parts around the periphery of the empire that we haven't even touched on. There are lots of cool adventures still in the works."

"Dragon Age is another one, and we have a third IP in development as well," he revealed. "All of these are Bioware-created, Bioware-owned IPs - brand new worlds that we've created. So, we're pretty excited."

Muzyka also revealed that a PC version of Jade Empire remains a possibility - but insisted that Bioware is focused on the Xbox version for now.

"[On Knights of the Old Republic] we always planned to do a PC version. This time, we might do one, but it's something we have to talk to Microsoft about," he explained. "They're not averse to the idea, but really, it's Xbox exclusive - it's really been designed for the Xbox."

I'm pretty sure that the PC version will come eventually.

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