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Dragon Age 2: A Rogue's Tale

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Dragon Age 2: A Rogue's Tale

Preview - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Thu 4 November 2010, 15:45:58

Tags: BioWare; Dragon Age II

Joystiq had some hands-on time with Dragon Age 2 playing a rogue and they decided to share their impressions.

The big thing, the problem with the Rogue in Origins was they didn't know what role they were trying to fill," Darrah suggested. "Rogue was sort of half-warrior, half-nothing -- it had some of the same talents as the warrior: You had dual-wielding; you had archery; many of the same things the warrior did. So what we're trying to do here is make sure each of the classes has a distinct personality and purpose." I couldn't directly compare the Rogue to any of the other classes since the Rogue was the only one playable, but its strengths and weaknesses were very clear. Once I got acclimated to the dualist Rogue's abilities, it was apparent that it wasn't the tank the warrior is, but still an excellent class built around some strong melee combat abilities.
And a bit more about the new dialogue system:

Bioware has implemented a new dialogue system akin to that of Mass Effect, too, with unique icons indicating the tone in which your choice will be delivered, eventually shaping your character's identity. Darrah recalled how an issue in Origins, where players would accidentally flirt with Zevran, stemmed from a lack of visual indication, "because the line would say something negative and Zevran would interpret that as a flirtatious line."

"Just knowing approximately what the words are going to be isn't necessarily always an absolute, so we wanted you to know total information -- 'okay, this is an aggressive line,' 'this is me being humorous' and so on. So what will happen is as you choose the different tonal responses, the game will start to learn how you're playing. Some conversations will then just end with a line coming from you, and that will often be based on the tone you're choosing. If you tend to be sarcastic, you'll tend to end conversations in a more sarcastic manner. Your voice really gives us the opportunity to push you into a leadership position in the conversations, which wasn't possible in Origins where you weren't really a voiced character."
Ah I see. The icons are there to let you easily avoid accidentally flirting with the party faggot. Yeah that would be awkward. Good job in thinking ahead BioWare.
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