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Dragon Age 2 loses Auto-Attack

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Dragon Age 2 loses Auto-Attack

Development Info - posted by Jason on Tue 8 March 2011, 02:51:06

Tags: BioWare; Dragon Age II

This might not be relevant to our collective concerns as there's no such thing as a console-owning Codexer (ahem), but it's amusing all the same.

Auto-attack option for consoles was added in to the games late in the development cycle after the initial certification build was sent. The auto-attack functionality was sent to be added to the game for testing and approval. This was why staff said it was in game.

Due to an error during mastering, the auto-attack file was omitted during manufacture.

We apologize for this. It was meant to be in game, but it is not currently in the console versions. We are working on how best to distribute this to console users. When we have information, we will let everyone know.​
Thanks to BeholderX for assuming I enjoy posting DA2 news

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