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NWN Wednesday

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NWN Wednesday

Game News - posted by Ibbz on Thu 14 November 2002, 12:32:20

Tags: BioWare; Neverwinter Nights

Bioware has released some more Wednesday "treats." This week we have a creature profile of the Rats, that will appear in the upcoming 1.27 patch:

We thought that there was an important element of urban decay missing from Neverwinter's muck encrusted sewers and corpse strewn back alleys and that was big, bloated rats. Known as the invincible furry cockroaches of the mammalian world, rats have a special place in our hearts as a staple of urban living and unstoppable disease vectors of modern living.

There is also a tutorial for the Plot Wizard, which will make an appearance in patch 1.27 aswell. A Witchwork feature list has been made, listing the various features that will appear in the upcoming free modules:

Use Your Character’s Abilities in Conversation – Has your spell-caster ever cast Charm Person to win friends and influence people? Has your barbarian ever entered a Rage to intimidate those foppish city folk? Has your bard ever used his abilities as a performer to tell a bald-faced lie? The Witchwork Series uses an innovative new conversation system that allows players to make a wide range of different skill and ability checks to Intimidate, Silence, Bluff, Pacify, Provoke, and Obtain Favors from fellow inhabitants of their world. But choose your tactics carefully – failure is a very real option.

And finally they've done a guild profile on the "The Broodslayers" which is apparantly one of the more active guilds.

Its good to Bioware supporting their product after its been released, alot of other developers, *cough* Black Isle *cough*, could learn a thing or two about support from Bioware.
Spotted at NWVault.

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