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Dragon Age II Gamestar Review Tidbits

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Dragon Age II Gamestar Review Tidbits

Game News - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Mon 28 February 2011, 11:24:50

Tags: BioWare; Dragon Age II

A more comprehensive summary of the german magazine reviews of Dragon Age II appears at the Bioboards.

- Sub-header: Dragon Age 2 is a first class RPG, but not quite as good as its superb predecessor. This has multiple reasons.

-EA did not let them use their own screenshots for the article without explicit approval, even though they were given the final version. The reviewer calls this "inexplicable". Hence, the article uses a few stock screenshots and generally shows nothing even remotely new.

- If you choose not to import and use one of the 3 predefined "lore backgrounds" instead, the backstory is explained in a short cutscene of the final moments (Landsmeet+Archdemon fight) of DA:O.

- cameos: Alistair is available for an "inconsequential" 1-2 minute long chat if you imported the right DA:O ending

- the prologue is described the same way as the demo

-quest samples: break into a house at night to retrieve the will of Hawke's father, save a woman from her abusive husband, hunt an Abomination, and decide whether to turn in a dude using blood magic to impress his girlfriend

- Hawke has up to 9 companions, who generally feel alive and responsive. However, they have consistently less depth and weaker characterization than the cast in Origins. The only exception is Varric, whose frequent banter with Cassandra provides much of the game's tension and humour. He's described as "a d*mn cool sock" (don't ask)

- Main Quest takes 12-15 hours, you can double that number "if you take your time and explore everything the game has to offer".

-The game does not feel long or epic, and the central conflict (mages vs. chantry) is not as dramatic as the reviewer would have liked. But although it doesn't have anything comparable to the Battle of Ostagar or the final attack on Denerim, it still has some very tactical boss fights.

- ugly ("texture mud") and low-polygon graphics, especially in the areas outside of Kirkwall. Generally feeling of emptiness/lack of NPCs. Constant encounters with "clonecellars" and "clonecaves", which can be a huge source of frustration. However, beautiful spell effects and good character models that can graphically compete with ME2.

- combat is generally tactical, though frequently unbalanced. The lack of an iso-style camera was a huge problem for the reviewer.

- The number of talents is huge. The game offers class specific weapons and some crafting options. However, overall you generally have a small selection. (they don't expand on this)

- The ending is described as open ended and unresolved .

- final rating is 87%. "Although the fans' fears have partially come true, this is still a magnificent RPG"
Why is it a magnificent RPG? Because they've removed nerd crap like stat-based to-hit chance in favor of immediately exploding Darkspawn? Or because of the beautiful spell effects? Clone-caves? 2-metres wide corridor maps? 12 hours mainquest? Yes, one thing sounds better than the other.
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