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Beyond Mass Effect 3

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Beyond Mass Effect 3

Interview - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Tue 9 February 2010, 10:36:04

Tags: BioWare

Biodoc talks ME.

IGN: There's a renewed focus on the shooter aspect for Mass Effect 2. Was there a concern that it would put off BioWare's more traditional RPG fanbase?

Ray Muzyka: The RPG features are still there. A lot of the reviews I've read are very interesting and accurate, because at first glance the RPG features are not as strong, but keep playing and you can see that they're there in a different fashion. For example, you can grab weapons off the rack when you send your team off on away missions, and you progress your ship, which is almost a character – that you're adding research modifications to increase your chance of surviving the final battle. That's a progression mechanic in its own right, and it's pretty satisfying and deep.

The RPG features are still there. You just have to dig deeper.
How did you feel when pressing the *research* button to apply the 4 or 5 ship-upgrades? Was it satisfying and deep?

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