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Mass Effect Goes Call of Duty

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Mass Effect Goes Call of Duty

Game News - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Fri 19 November 2010, 10:44:59

Tags: BioWare

There's a rumour that a Mass Effect based CoD clone is in the works according to Kotaku.

The BioWare project teased earlier today by Spike TV's Video Game Awards is not an early look at Mass Effect 3, according to a development source, but the multiplayer-focused Mass Effect spin-off currently in the works at BioWare Montreal.

That Mass Effect game is not a massively multiplayer online version of BioWare's sci-fi RPG series, but a game that's designed to appeal more to the Call of Duty market, according to that source. We're told to expect player progression in the vein of Activision's wildly popular online shooter along with some sort of single-player component that does not feature Mass Effect's Commander Shepard in a leading role.

Finally the BioDocs understood what had to be done to achieve the 10 million sales per game that they always wanted: making shooters.


Why is this news, baaawwwww???!!

Spotted at: RPGWatch

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