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BioWare Talks About Unreal Engine

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BioWare Talks About Unreal Engine

Interview - posted by Exitium on Mon 20 September 2004, 11:01:25

Tags: BioWare

HomeLan Fed has set up an interview with BioWare pertaining to their recent acquisition of the Unreal Engine 3. There's some VERY interesting stuff in that interview
All of our games are quite different yet they’re very similar in many respects – there is a core RPG layer which permits strong storytelling, character interactions, exploration and character progression. We’re currently building an RPG layer for Unreal Engine 3 to ensure that this title will have all of the great features that BioWare games are known for: a compelling story, entertaining character interactions and exploration, and strong character development aspects, and Epic has actually expressed interest in talking with us about the licensure of that RPG layer, which we own. Licensing the Unreal Engine 3 really allows one of our internal development teams to focus on creating a highly cinematic and immersive RPG in a relatively short amount of time, while our other teams continue work in parallel on future projects and on the next-generation BioWare Eclipse Engine.

With all of that PR stuff about BioWare's 'strong suits' aside, it's interesting to note that Epic Games might form some sort of collaboration with BioWare to develop a game. It's also interesting to note that BioWare has an engine known as Eclipse, which begs the question as to what engine Star Citadel will be using, and what else BioWare may have in store. In addition to that, HomeLan Fed has managed to sneak out the following from Greg Zeschuk:
HomeLAN - With the UnrealEngine3 announcement, BioWare also announced it is working on its third original title. How does it feel to have three separate teams working on various games?

Greg Zeschuk - It’s really exciting for us to have so many great projects on the go. With Jade Empire and Dragon Age, as well as this new title, we are exploring new ground by developing our own intellectual properties to feature in the games. Also, a slight correction to your question, we actually have 210 people working across five internal teams at BioWare that are developing new products and technology. In addition to the three teams already discussed, we have one team working on technology (TAG) and a fifth team working on something else we’ll be talking about fairly soon. There’s a lot going on at BioWare right now! We also have a number of our own engine licensure projects on the go using the BioWare Aurora Engine and the BioWare Odyssey Engine (more on that later).

5 teams! Christ.

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