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BioInterview: Games Are Not Art

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BioInterview: Games Are Not Art

Interview - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Wed 1 September 2010, 15:59:50

Tags: BioWare

.. saying that is so "last century" confirm the BioDocs.

“That comment is so last century,” chimed in Muzyka, “That’s just the reality now. We’re in a different  century where that kind of – to say that games are not an art form, that interactive entertainment isn’t relevant when there are millions and millions and millions of fans, and more every year, playing them. You know, this generation are definitely into the content. It’s so diverse.”


“They have an emotional impact,” said Zeschuk adamantly, “It depends what you use as the definition, right? For us largely, it’s things like, things that can have an emotional impact, lasting, on the person. I think that part of the problem with the debate has largely been not understanding the art form or the form of video games themselves... So, is Pac Man art? Sort of, I mean, in a way, in its simplicity it was, but you know, what we’re doing today is completely different. Is a hack n’ slash fighting game art? Ehhhhh, that’s marginal. You know, it’s the same way as movies... lots of movies aren’t art and some are. It’s like anything else. “

It's official, games are art.


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