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BioWare Montreal Interview

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BioWare Montreal Interview

Interview - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Tue 21 September 2010, 17:59:14

Tags: BioWare

Ever heard of the BioStudio in Montreal? BioWare doubles the staff there now. Learn more about it here.

"Now that we've proven ourselves and shown that we can be successful, we're taking the next step," Montreal studio director Yanick Roy said. "We're also doubling our contribution to whatever happens next in the Mass Effect franchise."

The Montreal studio has already added eight employees over the summer, and the remaining 20 new hires will comprise programmers, designers and artists. BioWare is looking for more senior people, Roy said, as they will form the core of a studio that will ultimately employ about 150 people.

Roy said he hopes to get to that level in two to three years, which would allow the Montreal operation to create its own games. BioWare currently has about 350 employees in Edmonton, who work on two franchises: Mass Effect and Dragon Age.

The company also has a studio in Austin, Texas, which is currently developing the Star Wars: The Old Republic online role-playing game, as well as an operation in Fairfax, Va. That studio, Mythic Entertainment, was acquired by BioWare in 2009 and renamed BioWare Mythic earlier this year.

While other's go insolvent, BioWare continues to grow.


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