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Interview with David Gaider

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Interview with David Gaider

Interview - posted by Vault Dweller on Thu 12 January 2006, 21:17:32

Tags: BioWare; David Gaider

David Gaider of Bioware fame was kind enough to drop everything and answer a few questions about ... well, a lot of things, so you better see for yourself.

4. All Bioware role-playing games, for one reason or another, were class-based. I'm sure that was an insightful experience. Did that affect your understanding of classes in a CRPG? Did that give you any ideas we might see in future games? Development and power level of a class, the number and balance of classes, unique abilities, different builds within a class, etc?

I think that experience taught us what our fans like to see in their classes, and as well what pitfalls we should be trying to avoid when designing our own class-based system. Overall, I’d say I lean towards having less breadth and more depth when it comes to classes – I’d rather see less actual classes, for instance, and focus more on having many different development options within those classes. That’s simply a personal preference, however. D&D didn’t do too bad of a job of identifying fantasy archetypes that are fun roles to have inside of a party, though I (and any D&D fan, I expect) could probably argue endlessly on the particular merits of any given class and how many options or lack thereof was given by the D&D system to take a class in different directions.

Thanks to David Gaider and Erik Einsiedel for their time and efforts. Sadly, Dave didn't have time to answer all the questions, but we love him anyway.

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