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BioWare talk about Victorian and Wild West RPGs

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BioWare talk about Victorian and Wild West RPGs

Game News - posted by DarkUnderlord on Fri 27 March 2009, 13:06:06

Tags: BioWare; Mass Effect 2

IGN speak with BioWare. Words are said:
Aside from the types of fantasy and science-fiction settings BioWare is known for building into its games, the duo commented on a few other scenarios that might be interesting. "We actually discuss that stuff a lot," said Zeschuk. "We've got other stuff that may be in other genres."

"In fact," chimed in Muzyka, "it probably is."

Getting back to the question, Zeschuk started up with, "A horror RPG you could do a whole kind of different ways, it's been done before by some folks but we'd probably put our own fingerprints on it. There's lots of places you could tell a story. We haven't talked much about Wild West…Victorian England. [laughter]."

"I'm not sure about that last one," said Muzyka. "But you can make almost anything into an RPG."

Oh yeah, there's also some stuff in there about Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2:
On the subject of downloadable content, Zeschuk said it was becoming a fundamental part of the company's overall philosophy, as it's part of the plan with Dragon Age. He shifted gears into Mass Effect 2, the upcoming sequel to the science-fiction epic, the first part of which was released in 2008 for the PC platform, and in late 2007 for the Xbox 360. "Mass 2 is going to have some plans [for DLC]. We'll look at Mass Effect 2 differently because it's a different kind of game. It's a very cinematic action shooter / RPG and with different kinds of consumers and different kinds of likes for DLC, so that's something we're always going to be iterating on."
Our philosophy is to lovingly handcraft every version so that players have a different entry point, different interface, different controls that work really well. A lot people said when they played the PC version 'Wow that's cool, it's like they designed it as a PC game.' Well yeah, we did, because we made PC fans feel supported. We also made 360 fans feel like it was developed as a 360 game because it was. Both answers are true.

They also talk about tightening up exploration.

Thanks Kthan75!

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