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NWN upped to 1.61

NWN upped to 1.61

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 17 December 2003, 13:15:53

Tags: BioWare; Neverwinter Nights

Yup, there's a new 1.61 patch for Neverwinter Nights and it's offshoot expansions for those looking for a less buggy ride. Here's a partial list of fixes:

  • Made damage reduction for DD and barbarians stack.
  • Added dm_visualeffect console command. first param is int for vfx #, second is duration in seconds (float, optional). Can target ground, doors, creatures and placeable objects.
  • Fixed NPCs trying to use items that they were not usable due to race, alignment or class restrictions and standing around looking dumb.
  • Fixed Whirlwind timing for attacking so you can attack right away after finishing the whirlwind, and fixed too many attacks warnings
  • Fixed a bug with opening inventory while container is opened on top of open inventory, inventory was open but had no items.
  • Fixed a bug on LAN page where connect button was not being updated when the list is empty and a new server is added.
  • Fixed a crash in sound options GUI that could happen when Environment Effects=1 but had disabled hardware sound acceleration through DXDiag.

Maybe by 2010, all the bugs will be fixed.

Spotted this at 3D Gamers

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