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Mass Effect 2 is Overrated

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Mass Effect 2 is Overrated

Editorial - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Sat 18 December 2010, 10:57:03

Tags: BioWare; Mass Effect 2

... wait, what? Yes, another site felt the need to let us know that Mass Effect 2 is in fact overrated.

My issues with this game lay outside of this. Mass Effect 1 had a very compelling story, stunning graphics, strong RPG mechanics, and even some compelling exploration. There were quite a few things that disappointed me about the game however, the frame rate and texture pop-in was notoriously bad, the upgrade system was too convoluted, the vehicle sections sucked, and the universe apparently contracted one company to build all of its secondary quest related structures. These issues were forgivable in light of what Mass Effect accomplished though.

I guess if you've never played an RPG before, Mass Effect's RPG mechanics might leave the impression of being *strong*.

You must think I am crazy but consider this closely. What tough choices did you make in Mass Effect 2? Good or evil? In Mass Effect 1 you decided the fate of the council, talked down Wrex (or not), and decided whether or not to allow the Rachni queen to live. These were tough choices. In Mass Effect 2 where were all these tough, seemingly consequential choices? You decide whether to save the Reaper ship and…well, you get my point. The story seems like it was purposefully made so inconsequential because it would be way too complex to account for all the choices over 2 games for Mass Effect 3. But if our choices were never going to have some deep impact the way we were led to believe, then why not just craft a compelling story and improve the game mechanics?

I do not want people to get me wrong here. Mass Effect 2 is a great action shooter. It is, however, a terrible RPG and an even worse sequel. I hope the hype will not blind BioWare to its flaws so they can be rectified in Mass Effect 3; which will be the greatest game of all time. Stay classy people.

If ME2 only had more deep choices...

Spotted at: Gamebanshee

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