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The World of The Collectors

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The World of The Collectors

Game News - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Sat 13 February 2010, 20:29:50

Tags: BioWare; Mass Effect 2

GameInformer talks to BioWare art director Derek Watts about the work that was required to build The Collector civilization in Mass Effect 2.

Creating an alien species from scratch isn’t easy. Creating the world that species lives in – the ships, tools, and architecture – can take months of work. BioWare certainly had its work cut out for itself when it started designing a new nemesis for Mass Effect 2, The Collectors. We talked with BioWare’s art director Derek Watts about what it was like building a new civilization from scratch.
We started with a fairly rough idea of the story at the beginning. Its fluid and it can change, but that doesn't stop us from concepting within these areas. For these concepts we were looking at what was beyond the Omega Four relay. I’ve been looking at a building in Japan – it's called the Port Authority building – that I tried to get into Mass Effect 1 and we were trying to get it in the Mass Effect 2. It's this incredible building that blurs the line between nature and building. It has all this vegetation on top, and these platforms underneath. [Concept artist Mikko Kinnunen], was trying to imagine what Omega Four would be like. Where did the ships go when they went through the Omega Four relay?

What do YOU think about the art direction of Mass Effect 2?

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