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Jolt reviews Jade Empire

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Jolt reviews Jade Empire

Review - posted by Role-Player on Mon 16 April 2007, 16:42:50

Tags: BioWare; Jade Empire took quite a while after their initial preview but finally managed to get down and dirty with Bioware's strange homage to Carl Douglas and asian stereotypes, Jade Empire. The main complaints seem to be the graphics and the lack of combat depth, but that's all forgiven since you can play Jade Empire - Flirt Up Your Chinaman:

Still, looking and feeling a bit old in the tooth has never stopped games from being classics, and Jade Empire Special Edition is still able to give RPG gamers a top-class blend of interactive story, fast-paced combat and bouts of procrastination in town between missions. Your actions in-game and through your conversations and attitude mean you still craft the story yourself, and you still take on everything from mythological beasts to enemy flyers in daft vertical scrolling shooter interludes, and – even better – you can still seduce the odd cast member. Jade Empire is non-linear in the most magnificently linear way, and well worth it for those who missed it first time around.
Here's my Vault Dweller impersonation: now that was stupid.

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