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Jade Empire

Jade Empire

There are 19 articles associated with this tag:

1-Apr-2012 [Editorial] Eurogamer Looks Back at Bioware's Jade Empire
18-Apr-2007 [Review] Everybody was Jade Empire reviewing
18-Apr-2007 [Review] Jade Empire review
16-Apr-2007 [Review] Jolt reviews Jade Empire
6-Apr-2007 [Review] GameSlave reviews Jade Empire - 8.5
22-Mar-2007 [Review] Game Over reviews Jade Empire
15-Mar-2007 [Review] Jade Empire review at Computer Games
27-Feb-2007 [Review] Jade Empire pretty okay per 1Up
27-Feb-2007 [Review] Shacknews does Jade Empire: Special Edition
25-Feb-2007 [Review] Jade Empire review at Gamespy
24-Feb-2007 [Review] 1UP takes a look at Jade Empire: Special Edition
24-Feb-2007 [Review] Gamespot uppercuts Jade Empire
21-Feb-2007 [Review] IGN unwraps Jade Empire: Extreme Collar-Grabbing Edition
9-Feb-2007 [Interview] Jade Empire tit for tat at Shack News
8-Feb-2007 [Game News] Jade Empire gone gold
10-Jan-2007 [Preview] Jade Empire: Special Edition gazings at Gamespot
12-Dec-2006 [None] Games Radar previews Jade Empire: Special Edition
7-Sep-2006 [Game News] Jade Empire: Special Edition in Jan 2007
8-May-2006 [Game News] Jade Empire on your home PC soon

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