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Jade Empire review at Gamespy

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Jade Empire review at Gamespy

Review - posted by Role-Player on Sun 25 February 2007, 05:22:31

Tags: BioWare; Jade Empire

Gamespy has written a review for that gook brawler with dialogue and a lesbian twist, Jade Empire. A 4/5 rating lands on Bioware's title, but it's not without some flaws:

Late in the game, the player is presented with one extremely important choice that will determine the fate of the Jade Empire. After completing the "Open Palm" route, I carefully tried to adhere to the "Closed Fist" approach, threading my way through the game's dialogue and choosing whatever came closest to the "tough love" philosophy. This was reflected in a nearly complete Closed Fist meter, but when I decided to restore the harmonic balance of the Empire at the end, the meter shot up to just short of a perfect Open Palm rating, and I got the "good" ending and postscripts. How could that one choice obliterate all the monstrous deeds I had done to get to that point? Ultimately, it made all the choices I had made in the game feel meaningless; I did replay and make a different choice to get the "bad" ending, but by that point it felt hollow.
Why wasn't this a concern with Throne of Bhaal and Knights of the Old Republic? Both games suffered from this.

Thanks, Greatatlantic!

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