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Jade Empire: Special Edition gazings at Gamespot

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Jade Empire: Special Edition gazings at Gamespot

Preview - posted by Role-Player on Wed 10 January 2007, 15:12:25

Tags: BioWare; Jade Empire

Gamespot has written up another preview of Bioware's upcoming PC port of their martial arts action RPG title, Jade Empire. There's some insight into the game's control on the PC among the usual press release regurgitation, though.

The original game was a departure for the team at BioWare, who had previous success with games like Baldur's Gate and Knights of the Old Republic. With it's action adventure gameplay, multiple fighting styles, and Far East influences, the game looked and played like nothing the BioWare team had released before.

If you replace "Far East" with "Jedi" you pretty much get the same as KoTOR right down to corridor like levels, good and evil paths, and multiple fighting styles.

Luckily the approachable controls, which began on the Xbox, have been translated over to the mouse and keyboard with minimal fuss.

Controlling your character is easy--you use the standard W, S, A, D keys to move and most of your attacks are controlled with the left and right buttons on the mouse. Multiple clicks of the left button will result in longer and more complicated chain attacks but those can be blocked by enemies. Clicking the right button will result in a longer, more powerful attack that will break through a blocking enemy's defenses. Pressing the left and right buttons simultaneously resulted in an area attack that was ideal for making some room when the enemies piled up. In addition, as a magical martial artist in Jade Empire SE, you'll be able to focus your chi to add extra damage to your attacks (by pressing the E key) or heal yourself by holding down the left button on your mouse at any time.

Nothing wrong with a man focusing his chi, if you ask me.

Spotted at: Gamespot

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