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Games Radar previews Jade Empire: Special Edition

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Games Radar previews Jade Empire: Special Edition

None - posted by Role-Player on Tue 12 December 2006, 15:14:33

Tags: BioWare; Jade Empire

A new preview of Jade Empire: Special Edition for the PC is available at Games Radar. You have to endure some fawning mixed with actual news about the title:

BioWare is well aware that improved graphics and load times are not enough to keep its ardent PC fans happy. There's a bunch of new content (ergo the label "Special Edition") in this version. There are two new fighting styles (iron palm and viper), a new difficulty mode, new monsters (rhino demons), and a character who was previously only available in the Xbox limited edition. A first-person view is also available, but can only be used while moving - it simply wouldn't work for the game's acrobatic combat style.

The new difficulty mode is a nice feature for gamers that like to play the hell out of everything they buy. Dubbed the Jade Master mode, it allows you to start the game over from level one with ridiculously tough opponents, while letting you keep any fighting styles you've earned in previous runs.

That might be a ton of fun, but I just want to dragon punch John Cleese.

Spotted at: Games Radar

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