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Game Over reviews Jade Empire

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Game Over reviews Jade Empire

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Thu 22 March 2007, 16:14:08

Tags: BioWare; Jade Empire

Game Over has posted a Jade Empire review, giving the game 82% and praising the "outstanding plot" and complaining about the RPG elements

As RPGs go this is a super light one, even lighter than Titan Quest, more along the lines of Dark Messiah. You have three characteristics: body, spirit, and mind.
Another moron who thinks that role-playing means increasing stats. Jade Empire is not a pinnacle of role-playing, of course, but claiming that Titan Quest is a better RPG is just ridiculous.

Body determines health points while different martial styles consume a combination of spirit (chi) and mind (focus). At each level you get a few points to divvy up amongst those three stats. You also get a separate set of points to allocate into particular martial combat styles to improve damage or speed or reduce the chi/focus cost. And that’s pretty much it for the RPG portion of the game.
Uh, quests?

Spotted at: RPG Watch

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