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E for Effort : Mass Effect examined

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E for Effort : Mass Effect examined

Editorial - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Mon 19 April 2010, 14:17:02

Tags: BioWare; Mass Effect 2

Destructoid analyze the Bioefforts that went into the Mass Effect series so far.

There are a lot of things I don't like about Mass Effect 2. None of the worlds are particularly interesting. They have cool features, but they aren't as interesting to go through as the first game. The Citadel which was kind of cool is now a Mega Mall. I became a Specter again only to not have any reason to. Ashley was fucking pissed that I was Cerberus even though I didn't want to be on their team. Liara, one of the foremost experts on Reapers, is now a shadow broker for some reason. I honestly hate that. Hell, I was expecting her to reach out and try to stop me on my supposed suicide mission. Actually I was really expecting her to have become pregnant with my child; something to throw a real consequence to the relationship tree. Nope. Peck on the lips and then straight to normal business. I wouldn't have thought we'd had sex if I hadn't seen it in the first game. The first games only main crime is that its potential wasn't near what the seconds was. That isn't something I can fault the first game in a series for though.

This is Biocruelty at works - first they induce a lot of emotional engagement and next thing you know Liara isn't even pregnant with your virtual child.

After the grave disappointment that Liara wasn't fuckable in ME2 there remains hope though. According to these speculations there might be a Liara DLC in the works.

Those PC gamers are at it again. Apparently rummaging through the source files of the Mass Effect 2 PC game has uncovered some interesting sound clips featuring Liara T'soni and referencing the Shadow Broker.
The file names themselves are the most interesting, each featuring DLC in the string. It's also worth pointing out that it appears Liara may leave Illium to join you on the hunt for the Shadow Broker, as evidenced by the Liara Norm_Intro (possibly standing for Normandy.)

Will there be another chance to create virtual progeny? Emotional Engagement levels increasing.

Spotted at: GB

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