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How BioWare was born: The Ray Muzyka story

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How BioWare was born: The Ray Muzyka story

Company News - posted by DarkUnderlord on Sun 11 May 2008, 07:08:57

Tags: BioWare

The Guardian have an interview with BioWare founder Ray Muzyka. Here's the intro:
It is not what you'd call an obvious career progression. In 1992, Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk were practising medicine in Edmonton, Canada. Greg was a GP and Ray was an emergency room physician – and they were both keen gamers.

Three years later, they decided to set up their own development studio. "One day we were having lunch and I just said, 'hey wouldn't it be fun to make a game?' and Greg says, 'yeah, I know some guys who are good programmers, let's hire them'.

Sadly, BioWare never did get around to hiring those good programmers. HOHOHO. Read the rest here, including how their medical experience helped them make Mass Effect and what the "Bio-RPG" tool does (Hint: It has little to do with any actual RP'ing, unless you consider pulling faces the height of RPG development).

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