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Bioware keeps on scoring - DotY Award

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Bioware keeps on scoring - DotY Award

Company News - posted by Vault Dweller on Mon 8 November 2004, 21:40:43

Tags: BioWare

Billboard 2004 Digital Entertainment Conference thingy has chosen Bioware as the Game Developer of the Year. KOTOR was nominated for PC or Console Game of the Year, but lost to City of Heroes. Overall though, I don't really get who picked all those nominees. Doom 3 - game innovation of the year? Give me a break. Anyway, here is what the good doctors had to say:

"It is a great honor to be named Game Developer of the Year at the 2004 Billboard Entertainment Awards" said Dr. Greg Zeschuk, Joint CEO of BioWare Corp. "This award is truly a testament to the hard work of our entire staff, comprised of the most talented, creative, and original people in the world. This award recognizes their fantastic efforts over the last few years."

"We're certainly thrilled about this award, and we are also excited about the future" added Dr. Ray Muzyka, Joint CEO of BioWare Corp. "With titles like the martial-arts action-RPG Jade Empire - to be published by Microsoft on the Xbox in March 2005 - and the epic fantasy PC-RPG Dragon Age, as well as another unannounced title on the way, all based on new BioWare-created and owned intellectual properties, it is an exciting time for the company. Other exciting projects are underway within our Technology Architecture Group, working on our next-generation BioWare Eclipse Engine(TM) technology for PC and console; and the BioWare Community/Live Team, working on digital distribution initiatives."

He forgot to mention the hype department

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