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Riftrunner/Divinity 2 interview at Gaming Chart

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Riftrunner/Divinity 2 interview at Gaming Chart

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 18 September 2003, 16:48:52

Tags: Beyond Divinity; BioWare

Gaming Chart scored an interview with Larian about Riftrunner as well as Divinity 2. Here's one tidbit:

What extended role, if any, will online multiplayer have in future games set in the Divine Divinity universe? Or, will the focus continue to be on providing a compelling single-player experience?

We will continue on putting in a good single player story line, we feel that is very important , but in the future (for Divinity 2) we will also start including multiplayer features.​

Welp, my anticipation level for Divinity 2 just dropped.

Thanks, Adam Corsetti!

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