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Can you write? Bioware wants your mad skillz

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Can you write? Bioware wants your mad skillz

Company News - posted by Vault Dweller on Sun 4 December 2005, 02:27:41

Tags: BioWare

Bioware is looking for some new talents to replace aging David Gaider. So, if you think you can write lines like "I'm teh Revan! Surprise, bitches!", all you gotta do is make a NWN module featuring the following, and someone will get back to you eventually. Or not.

[hype]BioWare is holding one of the most exciting contests in our history. Anyone who has dreamed of writing professionally will find this a unique opportunity to get their work noticed by the right people. We are looking for exceptionally talented writers to help develop our award-winning roleplaying games.[/hype]

BioWare's Director of Design James Ohlen and Assistant Director of Design Kevin Barrett have agreed to make the process of submitting work as easy as possible for writers looking to work for BioWare. Here is what you need to know to enter:

BioWare asks for writers to create a Neverwinter Nights module to tell their story using the Aurora Toolset. There are a lot of options to consider when creating a module in the Toolset, but it is important to remember that BioWare will only be interested in the writing.

When hiring writers, BioWare looks only at your writing; not the areas, not the special scripting, and not the combat. We evaluate only the characters, the dialogue, the plot, the non-linear structure, and the flow and pace of the story. To be eligible for this contest, please submit a Neverwinter Nights module that follows these parameters:

* A maximum of four characters. One player character and a maximum of three non-playable characters.
* A maximum of 3500 words in total including dialogue and setting.
* You must tell a complete story in the form of a traditional BioWare side-quest and account for different endings/ multiple resolutions.
* You are only allowed to use one 4x4 area in the Toolset to tell your whole story.
* No combat or special skill use.
* Just use the NWN retail toolset; don’t use any community add-ons.

Some additional guidelines to keep in mind:

* Dialogue should be no longer than 2-3 lines at a time.
* Do not use modern slang.
* Use a medieval fantasy setting.

BioWare needs good writers to make the best games we can and we are asking all of you to tell us a story.
Here is the best part:

FAQ: So, if I win I start working for BioWare?

No. The winning entries will be reviewed by BioWare senior staff James Ohlen and Kevin Barrett, but no employment is guaranteed.
Translation: We don't want your stupid ass, we want your story.

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