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The Daily Codex: Trouble in BioLand?

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The Daily Codex: Trouble in BioLand?

Company News - posted by Zed on Mon 6 August 2012, 02:37:01

Tags: BioWare; Dr. Greg Zeschuk; Dr. Ray Muzka; rumour mill; Star Wars: The Old Republic

GamersGlobal.de (a website I've never heard of before), have word from a trustworthy source (...) that the BioDocs (Dr. Ray Muzka & Dr. Greg Zeschuk) could be leaving BioWare (gasp!). According to this trustworthy source, the good doctors have not been showing up for recent meetings, nor have Dr. Greg Zeschuk been seen at all for several weeks.

The rumours say that the doctors have left BioWare already, and that BioWare Austin (the Star Wars: The Old Republic division) will be turned into EA Austin.

Trustworthy sources - are they to be trusted?

Thanks Racofer.

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