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Bioware interview at CVG, part II

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Bioware interview at CVG, part II

Interview - posted by Vault Dweller on Sun 21 January 2007, 17:09:43

Tags: BioWare

Here is the second part of the CVG Bioware interview and two exclusive Mass Effect screens:

In what areas do you think the PC gaming scene needs to develop, and as a developer what efforts are you making to move it in that direction?

In many ways the PC gaming scene is developing in the ways we think it should - developers are taking advantage of the PC's strengths by building online-enabled games (both MMOs and games with connectivity, strong post-release content as featured in BioWare's Dragon Age etc). Some developers are building the more casual games which draw in non-gamers to the PC gaming market and others are focusing on episodic content - both are exciting initiatives.
It's nice to know that even though Dragon Age hasn't been released (finished?) yet, it already has a "strong post-release content". How innovative.

Finally, what are you most looking forward to in the world of videogames in 2007, and why?

So many games, so little time! A number of titles stand out as games I'm really looking forward to. Speaking as both a gamer fan and as the CEO of BioWare, our own Mass Effect is a game I am incredibly excited to play once it's finally released (even though Greg and I are both playing it over and over to help the team find and solve bugs and provide gameplay suggestions as our awesome Mass Effect team works hard to bring it to conclusion in the next few months).

Mass Effect will be truly innovative in a number of respects over past games - as an epic RPG, the digital actors are probably going to be the most credible, realistic characters ever yet seen in a videogame and the uncharted worlds promise amazing exploration and depth. As well, the story is really good and the game is quite seamless in terms of accessibility fused with great depth. Another BioWare title, Jade Empire: Special Edition is also a really great game - something BioWare's RPG fans on PC will be able to sink their teeth into before Mass Effect when Jade SE comes out early this year!
Here are the new screens illustrating the awesomeness and hard realism of the game:

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