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Dragon Age II Preview Extravaganza

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Dragon Age II Preview Extravaganza

Preview - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Thu 9 September 2010, 15:26:56

Tags: BioWare; Dragon Age II

A few sites had some hands-on time with DA2 at PAX. Now they report their impressions.
Filefront is happy that Dragon Age 2 has been given a dose of God of War.

What’s different? Well, it basically just feels like you’re kicking way more ass when you fight. Dragon Age 2 has been given a dose of God of War, so to speak. You can manually attack with “A,” which is much more visceral.
Wow! Kicking way more ass sounds awesome!
VG247 figured that playing a female Hawke was a very satisfying experience.

There were a few talents at my disposal as well, but my favorite had to be Whirlwind, which sends your character into a spin. My enemies didn’t recover from this brutal assault with my dual short swords, and if you thought the first game was bloody, this one’s doused in the lovely red goo.
There was also a teleporting attack I found useful, as well as the ability to cloak, stun and perform a rush attack. Still, Whirlwind was my favorite by far for handing out corporeal justice.
Gaming Angels have been told that Dragon Age 2 will be the most responsive game that BioWare has ever produced.

Fight like a Spartan I did. Hawk’s agile fluid movements cut through Darkspawn like light sabre through a Clone. The radial tactics system is still readily available but it’s no longer as necessary as it used to be. Instead, it’s useful to plan out your party’s actions while your blades dance like a whirling Dervish. Your comrades in arms (your brother the warrior and your sister the apostate mage) are just as powerful. I’ll be interested to see just how many improvements will be made to the Mage class, as I often found mages wildly difficult to control in Dragon Age: Origins.
Improved graphics, blood & gore, kicking major ass and responsiveness to boot. What else can you ask for?
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