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New rumor: Microsoft finally bought Bioware

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New rumor: Microsoft finally bought Bioware

Company News - posted by Vault Dweller on Mon 19 April 2004, 14:10:08

Tags: BioWare

Ferrago is reporting that Microsoft Game Studios is finalizing the acquisition of Bioware and will make an official announcement shortly. CVG reported similar rumors in March stating that the acquisition is in process.

The latest issue of Polygon magazine is reporting an unnamed source from within Microsoft's Game Studios publishing division as stating that Redmond will imminently announce the finalisation of a Bioware purchase agreed. The continued rise of Microsoft within the industry will, rumour has it, be confirmed at E3 next month.

Being one of the most influential and successful RPG developers in the industry Bioware won't come cheap, though securing future Knights of the Old Republic and Neverwinter Nights games as Xbox exclusives could of course pay dividends for Gates and Co. too. Needless to say, such a bombshell as this would be Microsoft's 'big surprise' for E3, and would certainly steal some much needed limelight away from the new hardware due to be shown by rivals Nintendo and Sony.
Another mistery to be revealed at E3

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