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Go work at BioWare

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Go work at BioWare

Company News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sun 17 February 2008, 17:48:46

Tags: BioWare

BioWare is looking to hire a few choice, talented individuals to work for them making quality games. In fact, it looks like they're hiring in just about every area imaginable. Here's a bit of info about the company:
"We’re looking for people with a passion for excellence in video game development," said Derek Sidebottom, BioWare’s Director of Human Resources. "Our core values are Quality in our Products and Quality in our Workplace, and these have been recognized by countless product-specific awards, as well as BioWare being named amongst Canada’s Top 100 Employers for 4 years and Financial Post’s 10 Best Companies to Work For."

So, if you're in Canada and lumberjacking and beaver pelting hasn't worked out for you, you can try there.

Spotted at: Voodoo Extreme

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