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Someone Is Bored With BioWare

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Someone Is Bored With BioWare

Editorial - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Thu 10 June 2010, 11:04:14

Tags: BioWare

No really, it's true.

So, starting with the first point, lack of innovation, I feel that Bioware haven´t really added anything new in the areas that require it most, namely gameplay and characterization. Yes, Mass Effect had an interesting conversation mechanic, and that counts for something, but many Bioware titles have been recycled versions of older titles. Combat is still semi turn-based, your character is still locked into one of a few set roles (usually based around combat, magic, or a mix of the two) and the actual underlying story is the same for every title (under-respected newcomer overcomes insurmountable odds from all sides to save the world/universe from incredible peril). Characters are the same, too; you always have a learned older sidekick (Sagacious Zu,  Samara), a snarky young upstart (Alistair, Carth Onasi), a brutal fighter (Grunt, Black Whirlwind, Zalbaar), and a mysterious dark character (Canderous Ordo, Morrigan). The list goes on, and the characters are almost interchangeable from game to game.

Mass Effect 2 - the semi-turnbased game.


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