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Mass Effect 2 - When Collar Grabbing isn't Extreme Enough

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Mass Effect 2 - When Collar Grabbing isn't Extreme Enough

Interview - posted by Jason on Wed 9 December 2009, 07:55:57

Tags: BioWare; Mass Effect 2

Softcore porn site ActionTrip presents the info gathered from a recent press roundtable with BioWare's Casey Hudson on Mass Effect 2, including bits on how character skill won't get in the way of your shootering and using the awesome power of dialogue to throw people off buildings.
"The bigger functional difference is that we've added a new kind of dialogue response, which we call interrupts. It's basically a way to seize physical control during a conversation depending on what's going on. You'll either have Paragon interrupts or Renegade interrupts at certain times and you can let them pass. If you're a Paragon style player and you an opportunity to do a Renegade interrupt you can let pass and it's okay, you keep playing. It's more a part of role-playing as opposed to being a quick-time event where you have to do something or you die. It's not that at all. It's more about do you want to physically do something special at that moment as part of role-playing that character. If somebody that is hostile to you wonders near a ledge over a steep drop off, you might see a Paragon interrupt and know that you're character will be able to shove them off at that point. As a Paragon player you might see that and think 'no, I'm not gonna push them off the building.' Likewise, you might be talking to a character who's dying right there in front of you from an illness and you have the cure with you and just as they start sputtering their last breath you could do a Paragon interrupt and inject them with the cure right at that moment and save them. Again, if you don't like that character, you can let that pass and then that character will die."

Read Part 1 and Part 2.

Thanks to Szioul for the tip

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