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Mass Effect on the PC is perfect... or is it?

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Mass Effect on the PC is perfect... or is it?

Review - posted by DarkUnderlord on Wed 28 May 2008, 15:35:54

Tags: BioWare; Mass Effect

In typical "I really don't have any clue as to what I'm doing but they let me play games and talk about them and that's the most awesomest job in the world" review fashion, has reviewed the PC version of Mass Effect. The result? 10/10. 5 stars. 100%:
November last year I gave the Xbox 360 version of Mass Effect 10-out-of-10 on this very website. It blew me away, ticking all my sci-fi boxes in one giant cinematic assault on the senses. So good was Mass Effect that in my personal view it was 2007's best game, beating BioShock, Halo 3 and The Orange Box.

It was not without its flaws of course. Soon after we tore through the game we published our Top 10: Things that will make Mass Effect 2 magic feature, where we outlined our hot tips for BioWare's inevitable sequel. We called for an improvement on graphical glitches, quicker loading times, better Mako controls, better squad mate control and better equipment management, among other things. Well whaddya know? BioWare, along with Demiurge Studios, hasn't waited for the sequel to fix the annoyances of the original game. It's gone and sorted loads of them out for Mass Effect on PC. And PC owners will love them for it.

Wait a minute... On the Xbox, with a complete list of flaws, it was 10/10. And for the PC those flaws have been fixed. So shouldn't that mean at least 11/10? Or am I doing my math wrong?

On the plus side, the review does actually explain quite a number of differences between the Xbox and the PC versions of the game. So for the curious, it's actually worth a read. You should probably just ignore the score though.

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