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Mass Effect

Mass Effect

Articles associated with this tag:

5-Apr-2010 Mass Effect: A Narratological Review
15-Dec-2008 Mass Effect Reviewed
1-Feb-2007 Mass Effect Interview
21-Oct-2012 Bioware Talks Mass Effect 4 without Shepard
2-Mar-2012 How Mass Effect challenged my definition of 'RPG'
1-Mar-2012 Where No Game Has Gone Before: How Mass Effect Challenges Sci Fi's Greatest Achievements
20-Feb-2012 Mass Effect Universe better than Lightsabers+Jedi Powers?
11-Jul-2011 What Mass Effect Learned From Chrono Trigger
9-Sep-2010 On FemShep's Popularity In Mass Effect
25-May-2010 Mass Effect: the Motion Picture
15-Dec-2009 Eurogamer retrospective of an old classic
3-Oct-2009 Mass Effect found a way to perfect dialogue
18-Feb-2009 Mass Effect DLC Announced Plus Mass Effect 2 News
23-Jan-2009 BioWare want to connect with you emotionally
14-Jan-2009 Mass Effect Nitpick concludes @ Twenty-Sided
13-Jan-2009 Twenty-Sided nitpicks Mass Effect
10-Jan-2009 Mass Effect is the worst game BioWare made in over a decade
15-Dec-2008 Mass Effect gets the Andyman Messiah Treatment
5-Dec-2008 On the 2nd day of Christmas, I got Mass Effect
21-Sep-2008 Mass Effect Coming to an Extreme Theater Near You
16-Sep-2008 The Golden Age of BioWare's storytelling
31-Jul-2008 Mass Effect patch 1.01 and DLC released
11-Jul-2008 PC Mass Effect owners get Xbox goodies for free
8-Jul-2008 GameBanshee gives Mass Effect an 8.5
7-Jul-2008 Mass Effect lubbed by RealGamer
30-Jun-2008 Mass Effect would have been better without the RPG elements
26-Jun-2008 One of the best games Bioware has ever crafted
20-Jun-2008 Every RPG fan should play Mass Effect
19-Jun-2008 Mass Effect: The game that won't let you play
4-Jun-2008 Actiontrip reviews Mass Effect
4-Jun-2008 IGN says you NEED to play Mass Effect
3-Jun-2008 Accepting Mass Effect as the art it has always been
28-May-2008 Mass Effect on the PC is perfect... or is it?
28-May-2008 Mass Effect PC Combat Trailer
10-May-2008 BioWare caves to pressure over Mass Effect copy-protection
7-May-2008 Mass Effect (and Spore) copy protection PHUN
6-May-2008 Bioware releases Mass Effect copy protection info

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