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Mass Effect DLC Announced Plus Mass Effect 2 News

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Mass Effect DLC Announced Plus Mass Effect 2 News

Preview - posted by Edward_R_Murrow on Wed 18 February 2009, 01:12:23

Tags: BioWare; Mass Effect

Bioware is set to release a second DLC for Mass Effect. The theme? Something the game desperately needed. Not more choices, not some backstory for the Reapers, not more than one map per dungeon type, not the ability to sodomize anything, but Fight Club. No, really.
"We had something in Mass Effect 1 which we didn't have the time and we didn't think we would do well enough, which is a fight club arena," said principal lead designer Preston Watamaniuk in the video.

Which is why they are releasing it as DLC.
"We wanted to be able to give people a much more combat-oriented, lighter-story kind of experience," said project director Casey Hudson. "You're going to go to kind of a casino, gaming, fight club space station."

I guess it's lighter on story because of the first rule. Does collar grabbing count as talking though? There is also some information on Mass Effect 2, which goes from the good,
"Any save game that you make from Mass Effect 1, you should be able to carry that same character into Mass Effect 2," noted Hudson.

to the tired.
Said Hudson of the anticipated sequel: "In the second game, you're actually going to go through a darker period where you're really looking for answers... there are a lot of twists and turns, and it's generally a much darker experience."

Bringing back a mechanic not used often in modern games with some potential is great, but the overused as of late "dark and gritty" marketing nonsense is a bit of a buzzkill.

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