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What if Shepard dies?

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What if Shepard dies?

Game News - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Sun 7 February 2010, 15:33:36

Tags: BioWare; Mass Effect 2

BioWare reveals the harsh (persistent) consequences of Shepard dying at the end of ME2.

Dead is dead. Mass Effect 3, as with the rest of the trilogy, is Shepard’s story. If you have a dead Shepard at the end of Mass Effect 2, that saved game won’t import into Mass Effect 3. You can play Mass Effect 3 if you died in Mass Effect 2 of course, but you’ll have to create a new Shepard. Harsh? Yes. But we wouldn’t be serious about the concept of a suicide mission if you couldn’t die and your death didn’t have serious consequences.

So you basically have to create a new Shepard as if you never died. Since you probably miss out on a few space-coins it might be a bit too... harsh and serious.

Spotted at: RPGWatch

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