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Role-playing Homosexual in Dragon Age II

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Role-playing Homosexual in Dragon Age II

Editorial - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Tue 12 April 2011, 15:48:49

Tags: BioWare; Dragon Age II

In their valiant quest to make RPGs that appeal to pretty much anyone, BioWare lately discovered a formerly suboptimally served market: faggots. Let Yahtzee explain to you what roleplaying is all about.
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David Gaider's statement that the romances in DA2 are intended for "everyone" struck a chord with me, because I already intended to write a column about my personal experience with the romances in the game. I think David's statement goes deeper than he may have intended - any player of any sexuality can enjoy any of the romances in the game.
I'm going to repeat what I said to the developers of Silent Hill Shattered Memories: the person you are in a game is not the person you are in reality. You reinvent yourself for every new world. I know some people try to play their RPG protagonists as close to their own personalities (and even appearances) as they can, but I like to create a new character, building an image of their personality in my mind that grows with each dialogue and story choice. In other words, I like to role play. I assumed that was the point of a role-playing game. And while playing Dragon Age 2 my Hawke ended up being gay. Now, I am absolutely certain that I myself am into chicks. I like to joke about it but I'm secure in the knowledge that I like having sex with ladies best. I've thought about it and find little appeal in the idea of doing the various things one does with another man's old chap.

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