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Mass Effect, trilogies, and epicness!

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Mass Effect, trilogies, and epicness!

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 8 April 2008, 18:04:09

Tags: BioWare

MTV Multiplayer has a one question/one answer interview with BioWare's grand poobah Ray "Elevator" Muzyka about making Mass Effect a trilogy. Here's 50% of the answer:
Specific to "Mass Effect," do you recall the moment when it was determined that it would be a trilogy?

Ray Muzyka, BioWare co-founder:
Very much with "Mass Effect" it was the development team that drove the decision to make it a trilogy. I think the very first meeting we had with Casey Hudson, who is the project director on that project — Greg and me and Casey went out for lunch and said, "What do we do [next]? "Knights of the Old Republic" was a great success. What’s going to be the next challenge to the team?"

At the lunch we decided that we want something that really feels epic. It’s like you’re the tip of the spear of humanity on a galactic stage. Something that’s big and ambitious. What about a trilogy?

Epic is only epic when it's not silly. The problem with Knights of the Old Republic was that it's epic-ness was more silly-ness than anything else. A factory? Come on!

Spotted at: Voodoo Extreme

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