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Jeff Vogel reviews Mass Effect 3

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Jeff Vogel reviews Mass Effect 3

Review - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Mon 9 July 2012, 11:28:07

Tags: BioWare; Jeff Vogel; Mass Effect 3

Spiderwebs Jeff Vogel reviews Mass Effect 3 on his blog.

In the first part he describes the things he liked.

I played Mass Effect 1 and 2 obsessively. All side quests, all everything. I played Mass Effect 3 front to back (skipping a lot of the side quests, which sort of telegraphs how I felt about the experience), experienced the ending, and then watched the recently patched new endings on YouTube. There's a lot of good stuff here for game geeks to argue about, though, before I get too cranky about it, I wanted to say what I liked.
The Gameplay

Tight as a drum. Except for occasional problems finding walls my character could hide behind, the game plays well. It's fast paced, fun, and full of exploding things.

I do wish that there was more variety in what you could do. I desperately miss the vehicle sections in Mass Effect, which were great for breaking up gameplay. They had their problems, but, honestly, I think the game would be much better if those sections had been improved instead of dropped entirely.
Given that he apparently didn't enjoy ME3 the same way like the previous games , it would have been interesting to hear what he didn't like as well. Which would be the purpose of a review, to show both, the pros and cons.

The second part's about the ending drama.

BioWare, a company known for awesome video game storytelling, creates a trilogy of games in one of the most well-realized imaginary worlds ever created in the medium. People love this world. Passionately. Then BioWare fails to stick the landing. Deafening rage and butthurt echo across the Internets, who have nothing more important to worry about. So BioWare, at what I'm sure was considerable expense, makes a free patch to expand the ending. It makes things kind of better. Life, somehow, continues.

(By the way, this whole sorry incident is excellent proof that their IS such a thing as bad publicity. BioWare's reputation for good storytelling is invaluable. They saw it threatened. They reacted appropriately. But I don't think anyone working there is happy this happened.)

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