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Jeff Vogel

Jeff Vogel

Articles associated with this tag:

13-Jun-2010 Avadon: The Black Fortress Interview
30-Mar-2009 Interview with Jeff Vogel of Spiderweb Software
19-Feb-2004 Geneforge 2 review: Better Late Than Never
2-Apr-2003 Geneforge 2 interview
17-Aug-2021 Queen's Wish 2: The Tormentor now on Kickstarter
12-Feb-2020 Spiderweb Software's Geneforge remake is on Kickstarter
11-Sep-2019 Queen's Wish: The Conqueror Released
31-May-2018 Jeff Vogel goes to Kickstarter for his next game, Queen's Wish: The Conqueror
31-Mar-2018 GDC 2018 Talks: Michael Cranford, Josh Sawyer, Jeff Vogel
31-Jan-2018 Avernum 3: Ruined World Released
12-Oct-2016 Interview with Jeff Vogel and crew at PC Gamer - Kickstarter for new engine planned in early 2018
14-Sep-2016 Avadon 3: The Warborn Released
12-Jul-2013 Spiderweb Software Humble Bundle
9-Jul-2012 Jeff Vogel reviews Mass Effect 3
5-Oct-2011 Will Jeff Vogel Pay You to Play His Games?
5-Aug-2011 Jeff Vogel gets us caught up with Spiderweb
4-Aug-2011 Don't Ask Questions Until the Player Can Answer
29-Jul-2011 Avernum: Escape From the Pit Announced
16-Jun-2011 Interview with Jeff Vogel
21-May-2011 Gamebanshee Reviews Avadon
14-May-2011 The Final Answer to Prevent Piracy
6-May-2011 Avadon: The Black Fortress Review
15-Apr-2011 Jeff Vogel Reviews Dragon Age II
10-Mar-2011 Avadon: The Black Fortress Interview
12-Feb-2011 Vogel on RPG Difficulty
28-Jan-2011 Avadon - Getting It Done
9-Jan-2011 Jeff Vogel on Dodging Forum Flamewars
5-Nov-2010 Avadon: The Black Fortress Info Package
5-Oct-2010 Avadon Interview
1-Oct-2010 Spiderweb's Sweet Fifteen
25-Sep-2010 Jeff Vogel hates Ultima IV
31-Aug-2010 Buying Used Games Doesn't Make You a Bad Person
29-Jul-2010 Jeff Vogel Supports Piracy
28-May-2010 Avadon: The Black Fortress Revealed
14-May-2010 More of Uncle Jeff's Important Lessons for Lonely Children
6-May-2010 The Awesome of Jeff Vogel
5-May-2010 Spiderweb Software Interview
22-Apr-2010 Jeff Vogel on How to be Smart & Cool & Awesome
26-Mar-2010 Jeff Vogel's Dos & Don'ts
30-Dec-2009 Jeff Vogel reviews Dragon Age
4-Aug-2009 Spiderweb Puts Out The Entire Geneforge Saga On One Disc
9-Jul-2009 Avernum 6 details
31-May-2009 Addiction-based game design with Jeff Vogel
1-May-2009 Game Design: Never change anything ever
15-Apr-2009 Vogel: Single-player RPGs are scarce, should sell for more
30-Mar-2009 Talking Tactics with Jeff Vogel
24-Mar-2009 Vogel Talks Game Sales, Part Two
24-Nov-2008 Jeff Vogel of SpiderWeb on being an indie and morality
18-Feb-2008 Avernum 5 for Windows released
23-Jan-2008 Let's give Jeff Vogel some free publicity
5-Dec-2007 Geneforge 5 will be the last one
25-Nov-2007 Avernum 5 interview on RPG Vault
15-Nov-2007 Nethergate: Resurrection review at GameShark
9-Jul-2007 RPG Watch interviews Jeff Vogel
10-Jun-2007 Nethergate has been resurrected
11-May-2007 Blast from the past - Blade of Exiles source code released!
23-Apr-2007 Jeff Vogel to develop God of War 3
5-Apr-2007 RPG Watch reviews Geneforge 4
30-Mar-2007 Nethergate Resurrection is announced
5-Feb-2007 Geneforge 4 released on Windows
9-Jun-2006 Avernum 4 review and interview with Vogel at GamerDad
29-Apr-2006 Geneforge 4 tidbits
2-Mar-2006 Jeff Vogel on innovation in indie games at RPGVault
26-Oct-2005 Jeff Vogel talks about Avernum 4 and other fun stuff
23-Sep-2005 Avernum 4 Screenshots and Release Date
30-Jun-2005 Geneforge 3 Wrap Report on RPG Vault
31-May-2005 Geneforge 3 for Windows released
25-Jan-2005 Blades of Avernum patched
5-Jan-2005 Mac testing begins for Geneforge 3
13-Sep-2004 Jeff Vogel interview at E-Boredom
4-Aug-2004 RPG Roundtable #5 pt. 2 at RPGVault
27-Jun-2004 Geneforge 3 in the works, plus mystery game
28-Apr-2004 Blades of Avernum - testers needed
24-Jan-2004 RPG Roundtable Part II with Jeff Vogel

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