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Vogel on RPG Difficulty

Vogel on RPG Difficulty

Editorial - posted by Jason on Sat 12 February 2011, 22:07:12

Tags: Jeff Vogel; Spiderweb Software

Spiderweb's Jeff Vogel offers his Three Rules for Difficulty in RPGs.

The trickier part is understanding the need for tough fights. Very often, players don't like to be seriously challenged. They hate to lose. They hate to lose repeatedly. Sometimes, the temptation to just give up and have every fight on the default difficulty be easy peasy is overwhelming.

But you still need to have tough fights, for several reasons. A game full of only easy fights against trash is monotonous and dull. The suspension of disbelief in a role-playing game is delicate, and, if a dragon is only as tough as Goblin #0145, it just feels wrong. And because the adrenaline rush of achieving something difficult (be it slaying a demon lord of winning a game of solitaire) is one of the great pleasures of computer games, and you just can't lose that.​


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