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Jeff Vogel to develop God of War 3

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Jeff Vogel to develop God of War 3

Editorial - posted by Role-Player on Mon 23 April 2007, 16:16:23

Tags: Jeff Vogel

Jeff Vogel's treatise on why he hates fantasy RPGs receives a second part in RPG Vault's View From The Bottom. The editorial exposes some of the genre's pitfalls through some specific game examples and amusing babrs, along with suggesting some directions for its future. Mandatory clip:
But for the lucky people who didn't read the previous column, my first big problem with RPGs is this; unlike other computer games, they almost invariably start me as an insignificant loser. Before I can do anything exciting or heroic, I have to pay my dues by spending tons of time gaining levels and proving that I am competent. My time is valuable. If I'm going to enter my fantasy world, I don't want to be a jackass in it. I want to do something cool and exciting NOW.

I was mainly writing this in reference to single-player computer games. Massively multiplayer games are so far beyond the pale in their hunger to make you waste your time doing meaningless, repetitive tasks that there isn't any point in discussing them.

Many single-player RPGs, even excellent ones, fall into this trap. My favorite example is BioWare's classic, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Great game. Lots of fun, overall. But even it makes you play for many hours before it lets you even get your hands on a light saber. I am SO grateful that, at long last, a computer game let me live my lifelong dream of NOT being a Jedi.

That is why I am enjoying playing Company of Heroes so much. It's a real-time strategy game set in World War II. For the very first mission, you get to attack Omaha Beach. How cool is that? If it was an RPG, I'd have to spend 30 hours killing Nazi rats before I got to do anything that interesting.
I have to agree, though. I think character development is not only important but also very rewarding if done right. But if the only way you have of filling in on your creative blanks is to inflate the game with inconsequential combat, at least make it fun and challenging.

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