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Vogel Talks Game Sales, Part Two

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Vogel Talks Game Sales, Part Two

Editorial - posted by Edward_R_Murrow on Tue 24 March 2009, 21:26:27

Tags: Geneforge 4; Jeff Vogel; Spiderweb Software

Jeff Vogel has put up the continuation of his column in which he discusses the financial aspect of his indie RPG business along with certain choices he makes and why. There's a good deal of interesting commentary and some answers people have been seeking for quite some time.
A lot of people have commented that I should lower the game's price to $10. The idea that this would increase my profits is, I feel, purest nonsense. Bearing in mind that the percentage cost of credit card processing increases as the price goes down, and, to make the same profits from Geneforge 4, I would have had to triple my sales. Triple! As in, go from a conversation rate of about 1.5% to almost 5%. This is just not realistic.
I charge a fair price. I write big, good games (with 30-40 hours of gameplay, easy), and they easily provide enough fun to more than justify the $28. I will not be shamed into charging less, not when my dollars and cents bottom line is telling me that it's working.
And here's the sad truth. Suppose I spent a bunch of money, busted my hump, and wrote a game with graphics as good as, say, Eschalon. Then people who really care about graphics wouldn't look at my game and go, "Wow! He's really doing good now!" They'd go, "His graphics suck. They haven't improved at all." And then they'd go play Fallout 3.
His explanations are detailed and interesting, and the response on his game's graphics should spark some discussion.

Spotted at: Gamebanshee

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