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Geneforge 4 tidbits

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Geneforge 4 tidbits

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 29 April 2006, 18:09:29

Tags: Geneforge 4; Jeff Vogel; Spiderweb Software

There's a post from Jeff Vogel over at Irony Central, which are his main forums for all he does, concerning how Geneforge 4 will be. Here's the whole tamale:
Despite a new infant, food poisoning, and general inertia, I've now completed the first 5 areas of Geneforge 4. I have a lot better idea of the shape the game is going to take. I hope to have actual screen shots and PR available in a month or two.

The game will be smaller in size than Geneforge 3, but with a much higher plot density. I've tried to make the game have a more intricate plot and more involved quest chains, battles, and characters. I have some concern that the amount of talky interaction in the game will cost me hack-n-slash gamer money, and this bums me out, but it ended up being the sort of game I wanted to write, so here we are.

Avernum 4's relative success bought me some extra time, and, when I wasn't spending that time parenting, I spent it polishing Geneforge 4 and reworking a lot of stuff that was overdue for it. I added a lot of polish to the graphics, to the item system, and to the creations for starters.

There will be some weather effects. They have no effect on gameplay whatsoever. They're just pretty.

There are five basic rebel character types. Four of them are human. As said before, their are 3 new creations and eight new spells. I am also making some major changes to the alternate creation types to make them more interesting.

The game still tracks your allegiance to one side or the other, but the system is now based far more on actions and less on conversation. A lot of encounters have a pro-rebel and a pro-shaper resolution.

Still hope to have it out for the Mac by Christmas.

Kind of a shame weather won't affect gameplay, but at least he's up front about that. Of course, he could counter the hack-and-slash lovers not finding enough to hack and/or slash with fun, random dungeons or job boards that spawn new encounters assuming there's time for that.

Thanks, Wizard!

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