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Avernum 4 Screenshots and Release Date

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Avernum 4 Screenshots and Release Date

Preview - posted by Astromarine on Fri 23 September 2005, 10:26:11

Tags: Avernum 4; Jeff Vogel; Spiderweb Software

Spiderweb Software has just put up a webpage about their latest game, Avernum 4. In it, you can find a couple new screenshots of the game's highly modified Geneforge Engine. Also, the newsletter they sent out to announce this has the following information:

Q: Does the game use a new engine?

A: Avernum 4 uses a HIGHLY modified version of the Geneforge engine. It
runs at a higher screen resolution, has nicer graphics, and is very
definitely an Avernum game.

Q: Does the game play like Geneforge?

A: Nope. It's an Avernum game. It is fully turn-based, and has the
Avernum game system. People who like Avernum more than Geneforge will
not be unhappy, I promise.

Q: Is it big?

A: It's enormous. A gigantic world, almost 200 quests, and as many
characters and as much dialogue as anything we've ever done.

Q: Will it be out soon?

A: I sure hope so. If I avoid getting the flu, it should be out for
Macintosh by Christmas and Windows 2-3 months after that.​

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