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RPG Roundtable #5 pt. 2 at RPGVault

RPG Roundtable #5 pt. 2 at RPGVault

None - posted by Spazmo on Wed 4 August 2004, 22:41:10

Tags: Jeff Vogel

RPG Vault have the second installment of the fifth installment of their RPG Roundtable feature. Another bushel of developers discuss multi-platform development including Michal Madej of CD Projekt (The Witcher), J.E. Sawyer of Midway San Diego (Gauntlet Xtreem Offroad) and Jeff Vogel of Spiderweb Software (Geneforge 3, we think). Here's Vogel.

Pretty often I get fan mail asking me to port my games to Gameboy or some other console. It's not possible, of course. Even if I could thread my way through all of the licensing issues, I don't have the resources to manufacture and ship piles of plastic things.

I'm not much of a fan of console RPGs either. Maybe I didn't play enough of them, but the combination of incomprehensible plots, frequent, grinding combat and overlong attack animations turned me off.

This is why we love Jeff Vogel. Hey, J.E., quit wasting your career being Romero's bitch and go work for a real company!

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