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Jeff Vogel talks about Avernum 4 and other fun stuff

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Jeff Vogel talks about Avernum 4 and other fun stuff

Interview - posted by Vault Dweller on Wed 26 October 2005, 23:47:01

Tags: Avernum 4; Jeff Vogel; Spiderweb Software

Inside Mac Games has posted an interview with Jeff Vogel about upcoming Avernum 4. Jeff felt chatty, mentioned his chilean rose tarantula named "Spider", and even compared his games to Fallout and Baldur's Gate.

Your site offers some fantastic hints and tips to aspiring programmers wanting to build good games. How did you get started in the business and what was the greatest obstacle you had to overcome?

It all started when I was in grad school, studying applied mathematics. I really didn't like it and was burning out fast. So, during one summer, I decided to take some time off doing something I'd been dreaming of doing for years: writing a fantasy RPG. I used my new Power Macintosh 6100.

I released that game, called Exile, and, amazingly enough, it sold. So I quit grad school and made a go of writing shareware full-time. I've been very fortunate.

I think the greatest obstacle I've had is the need to fight burnout. Writing these games is a lot of work, and it really drains me. Doing it again and again for ten years, it's gotten harder with each game. To keep my energy up, I mean, and to keep things fresh. So far, I've managed, I hope. But the struggle continues.
Hopefully we'd see something more original from Jeff in the future

Spotted at: RPG Dot

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