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Mass Effect 2 Statistics Interview

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Mass Effect 2 Statistics Interview

Interview - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Tue 7 September 2010, 11:05:25

Tags: BioWare; Mass Effect 2

Ever heard of them crazy Mass Effect 2 stats and what they're used for? Here's your chance to learn more about it and from no one else than Mr. Casey "Mass Effect" Hudson.

But as it turns out, Big Brother is watching; not in an effort to control you but rather to learn from you. You're not just playing videogames anymore. You're actively providing feedback about what parts you like and which you don't. How you play could ultimately help shape the future of videogame design.


"The only data that we get are in terms of events -- little things that happen in the game," explained Hudson. "Let's say if we want to know whether players skip lines of dialogue, we can have that become a little event that gets sent up. It's all completely anonymous, so all we get is raw numbers for how many times these kinds of events occur. Then we can start getting ratios and comparing proportions and things like that. It becomes this mass of numbers, and then we have to try to figure out how we would interpret that."


"Ultimately it doesn't always give you the answers, but it sometimes raises questions or gets you to ask the right questions…More people played the soldier class than all of the other classes combined. If you know that, then you can start thinking about future games. Is that good? Is that a problem? Should we look at the other classes and start thinking about ways to make them selected as often as soldier? As part of asking these questions, we can design games in the future a lot better."

I think most people played Soldier because it was the most powerful class by a large margin. It has access to the best weapons and the most powerful spell (adrenaline rush), the only class that doesn't need heavy weaponry while fighting Ymir mechs for example because shooting them with the assault rifle/disruptor ammo while adrenaline rushed kills them quickly. In comparison Vanguard is a mere gimmick class, fun to play but its trademark biotic charge isn't really a viable approach to combat since you can pull that trick only if the enemies are few in numbers like after you've shot the lot of them already from behind cover. Especially at the highest difficulty level there's just no way you can kill enemies quickly enough (to succeed in certain missions) unless you're a Soldier. The stupid decision to make biotics useless against armored/shielded enemies doesn't help much either.


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