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Dragon Age II SecuROM Report Follow-Up

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Dragon Age II SecuROM Report Follow-Up

Game News - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Mon 21 March 2011, 15:32:02

Tags: BioWare; Dragon Age II

More Dragon Age II news abound. RYG reported earlier that Dragon Age 2 utilizes SecuROM whereas BioWare denied that, claiming it merely uses "Release Control" but not SecuROM. Meanwhile RYG has been approached by BioWare to resolve the issue but felt the need to decline the offer.

With our analysis of the SecuROM / Release Control connection with Dragon Age 2 up for public viewing it’s now a good time to explain to all why we have declined to assist Bioware through this troubling ordeal, in spite of our initial invitations to Bioware.

Our decision is based upon Fernando Melo’s most recent response as well as EA’s absent responses in relation to Dead Space 2, which is also plagued with the same SecuROM-related issues found in Dragon Age 2.

That is: EA, Visceral Games and Bioware did not notify Consumers that SecuROM’s Release Control was implemented in Dead Space 2 and Dragon Age 2 BEFORE its general release. And furthermore, EA and Bioware have defended their DRM policy stating that the Release Control implemented in Dragon Age 2 was not SecuROM: A claim that has now been proven otherwise by RYG.
Instead RYG provides a comprehensive explanation of how SecuROM and Release Control are connected.

In this case, SecuROM does offer a service called SecuROM Release Control. Contrary to what EA and Bioware have stated, SecuROM Release Control is implemented in Dragon Age 2 without Consumer notification through its Game Packaging, Manual, Readme and EULA. RYG have confirmed the presence of SecuROM as a Release Control in its Analysis Report.

We feel that we have provided more than enough evidence to validate our findings and, once again, places the spotlight back on EA and Bioware to defend themselves and their statements. This also includes their lack of notification of SecuROM in Dragon Age as described in our Evaluation Reports and SecuROM Analyses in Dragon Age 2.

Lastly, we feel that this final report should settle the matter regarding SecuROM implemented in Dragon Age 2, regardless of whether it was “full blown” SecuROM or not.

If a game is using any part of SecuROM, the game is using SecuROM regardless of how many SecuROM services it uses.
If this Release Control thing does nothing else but to check for the release date, do you care? I don't.

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